Our cellar

“Everyone has the power to make the world a better place.”


Our idea has taken shape in 2012.

During the construction work, in this underground, rich in traces of the past, we found the remains of an ancient pitcher. We have interpreted this finding as a divine sign and pitcher has become the symbol of our winery.

OToday our winery is a small gem, with large windows overlooking the valley, erected at 350 meters above sea level, on the hills at the foot of arcevia, and immersed in the 4 hectares of our vineyards.

Our production is particularly accurate, following a variety of selection processes to ensure a product of excellence, enabling a remarkable reduction in chemicals and low sulfur content, the most important milestones for the company and the product.

Our organic wines express the essence of our philosophy of life:
a world in a full harmony with nature.

The values we believe in

“we did not inherit the world from our fathers, but we borrowed it from our children and we should return them better than we did.”

an ancient Masai quote

The guiding values of our philosophy of work identify our region, the Marche.

Love for nature

Our region is a countryman one. We come from sharecropping, and the land has always been for us a source of life and prosperity.

Our vineyards, our gardens and our fields are countryman artists paintings, where we express silently our feeling and our respect for mother earth.

Love for hospitality

Marche region is one of the richest ones in artistic, landscape, cultural heritage, craftsmanship and the culture of know-how linked to ancient trades, fashion, furnishings, food and typical products, seasonal crops and products from meat processing. In each product we put our story and what we are.

We produce our wines as a gift to our guests, as our grandparents did, celebrating with the finest delicacies who came to visit them.

Love for the land

The Marche region is called "italy in one region". In the surroundings we find the wonderful Frasassi caves, the Gola della Rossa park, the regional nature reserve of monte San Vicino and monte Canfaito, the Esino pedestrian and cycle path, for cycling and footing lovers, the Conero park and then Senigallia, Portonovo, Sirolo and Numana beautiful beaches. This breathtaking landscape is home to beautiful ancient towns such as Arcevia, Serra de' Conti, Jesi, Ancona, Loreto, Genga and Fabriano

We would like to let you discover the land we belong to. Come and visit us and immerse yourself in our landscape.