Visits and tastings

"Passion for wine is complex, and it encloses many explicit symptoms. The pleasure of knowing it and sharing it is unique, such as the interest in traveling for wine, discovering the best wine regions and the best winemakers, chefs and other wine friends."


Tastings are the best way to know all the nuances of wine, to understand the evolution in time and space, and then to evaluate it. Comparing different vintages and labels directly with the vineyard is a dream of many lovers and wine experts.
Broccanera organizes visits and tastings to unveil all the secrets of our wines and to let you explore special notes and hidden nuances. We will do a trip between grapes, musts, barrels and bottles to understand how verdicchio is born, how it matures and how it comes to our tables.


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Wine Corner

Wines of all years are available to satisfy your palate and experience new and rewarding experiences. We believe that a goblet of Verdicchio, a cool summer afternoon and the vineyards view from our terrace are the ingredients for a perfect moment of serenity.

Would you like to buy our wines but can not came to the cellar??

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