Wine Terroir

"A good wine is like a good movie: it lasts for a moment and gives you a taste of glory, it's new to every sip and it is born and reborn in every taster."


Our wine tells of an ancient territory, of millenarian cultures and of a rich nature. The thermal excursion, the winds from the west, the richness of the subsoil create unique situations that express remarkable oenological notes.
The blue of the sky, the sea and the mountains is the cornerstone of our terroir.

Sapid, elegant, sophisticated is the taste that land gives to our wine.

A place of millenary passage, from the neolithic untill today, our territory is also a place of rest, where we can discover new stories, far from the main communication channels, near those who look for rare expressions.

Here, with love for hospitality and for our roots, we gave birth to our dream: broccanera winery.